Thursday, March 17, 2011

Fashion Week in LA

I had the opportunity to go to Fashion Week in the Garment District in LA to find vendors for the business. Here are some pictures from my trip to give everyone an idea of what its like.

I got there really early one morning so no one is in this picture but these halls were packed an hour later.

The set up for a fashion show later in the day. I was going to go, but ran out of time. Maybe next time.

A beautiful dress that was way above my price point but gorgeous none the less. This is just the back of the dress. 

 Some clothes that I wanted to buy for with grace. So cute. 

Just one of the 4 buildings I went to. Every floor was full of showrooms. It was so fun to see all the new lines for fall.

Me with my official buyers pass to the market.

One of the many hallways of show rooms. Some of them were very beautifully decorated.

This is the CMC, it is the main building for the fashion district market week.

Here is the inside of the CMC when it starts to get busy with designers and buyers.

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